Niall: I’m not saying I’m the best hugger but I like to hug +





Share a coke with One Direction x

Who the fucks Zain!? Lmao

A+ gif usage


My math teacher called me average.

How mean.

Heyy! I'm a multi fandom blog 1D, 5sos, Bieber and others. I follow everyone back :)
One Direction - Just Can't Let Her Go
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Hey! I'm a 1D blog (mainly Harry with some 5sos stuff thrown in). I am starting to write imagines and I am writing a FanFic called "Teach Me" which is on my tumblr and wattpad! I will follow back similar blogs! Thanks 💜
Hello! I'm a 1D and 5SOS blog only. I follow EVERYONE back :) x



one direction blog with a hint of 5sos and a weakness for funny textposts xx checking out everyone who follows!!